My Furry Family

 Oliver formerly known as "The C-Block" 

Ollie is a six-year-old cocker spaniel and bichon mix. Cockershon? Bi-Spaniel? He doesn't shed, and that's was my main argument when I stupidly purchased him at a pet store at the age of 23. He was adorable, and I also felt a little sorry for him (he was on sale). 
Likes: Breakfast, chasing balls, toys that squeak, biting hair, humping, going to the dog beach
Dislikes: Vacuums, rain, when they add more wood chips to the dog park, being alone

Mac Hine aka "Damn it, Mac"

Mac is a two-year old border collie and lab mix rescue. After searching for the perfect dog for weeks, we ended up with him. Mac is shy and loyal to the core, but unleashes his fear-based aggression at random. We're working on it.
Likes: High fives, destroying toys, bones, walks, cuddling, herding
Dislikes: Men, strangers, loud noises, singing

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