Monday, March 31, 2014

You Don't Know Mac!

This is Mac when we first brought him home...

He squeezed his 40 lb body under the bed, and hid. He could barely look at Ron. He wanted nothing to do with Oliver.

The staff at our rescue group said Mac was extremely shy, especially around humans. They said he was very submissive and needed a kind, submissive companion. When he and Oliver met, they didn't even play. They looked at each other like, "Whatever."

We met his foster parents (who had originally adopted him and then given up) and they seemed torn. They clearly loved him and resented him all at once. Looking back, I understand.

After a couple days, Mac's true demon character came out: his inner asshole, if you will. He barked at us incessantly. He herded us and Oliver around the house. He practically pulled our arms off on walks. He viciously lunged at anyone who else who came near him or near our apartment building. He decapitated all of Oliver's beloved stuffed animals.

I swear to God, his eyes would glow red in the dark.
demon dog

Oh eff. Can we get a refund from the rescue group?? They gave us a demon dog!

"Okay, so Mac wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I thought about getting a second dog," she said as she swept the hairy floor for the third time in one day.

But he was family.

Within no time, I loved him. I didn't like him...but I loved him. Can anyone out there relate?

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