Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rescue Me

Anyone else out there been through the dog rescue process?
It's HARD.

Ron and I spent a several weekends in a row visiting our local shelters and adoption events looking for a companion for Oliver. My heart broke every time I thought about all those homeless animals... I wanted to bring them all home! But there was always a sense that it wasn't the right fit.

We also tried the local rescue groups. I haven't felt so rejected since my single days. What the hell was wrong with us? We're nice, young, somewhat normal people with a somewhat normal dog. GIVE US YOUR HOMELESS ANIMALS! One time we even made it far enough to introduce Oliver to a potential hetero-lifemate...only to find out his foster parents planned to keep him. Well what are we doing here then?!?

i'm normal i swear

On the verge of giving up on the idea for awhile, we stopped at Centinela Pet Feed to meet the dogs at their adoption event. None really fit what we were originally looking for, but a medium-sized border collie mix was sitting in his crate quietly wrapped in a little ball. He was so shy, and not very interested in us...

Apparently Ron and I both like boys who play hard to get.

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