Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How did I get here?

So we meet again. Maybe you've landed on this blog because you were previously reading about my sex online dating life...

Well, here am I. Living my happily ever after.

Ron Swanson.
Oliver aka "The C-Block."
Mac Hine aka "Damn it, Mac."

One big, furry family.

So how did I get here? For five years Oliver and I were on our own...

We moved eight times.
We had some doggy roommates.
We met some boys, but none liked us much.
We moved back in with my parents.
He struggled with anxiety.
I struggled to find my voice.
Then we met Ron.

I realize a fluffy white dog wasn't exactly attracting men, but Ron welcomed Ollie with open arms and an adorable toy fox (which he still has, though it's since been decapitated by Mac).
It wasn't long before we became "three!" It's funny because I often joke about the months we just had Oliver to worry about as if they were the good old days. Ron and I moved in together, and it was hard to see Oliver home alone all day. He's definitely a dog who needs a companion. We decided to get a second, "more manly" dog. Two dogs is easier than one, right? They keep each other company and play together so we can enjoy ourselves, right??



  1. I had the EXACT thoughts about getting 2 dogs. What actually happens is that it means twice the attention and almost twice the work. I wouldn't give them up though!